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e3 Diagnostics offers ABR equipment for hearing professionals who heavily rely on ABR/ASSR to assess the peripheral auditory system and estimate hearing thresholds of infants and young children. Whether you need to screen a newborn with an ABR hearing test or measure a variety of AEPs and OAEs, we supply the high-quality devices you need. We have portable ABR audiology equipment as well as hardware that seamlessly plugs into a PC or computer workstation.

With touchscreen displays and intuitive software, our sophisticated ABR hearing devices allow practitioners to quickly perform tests on infants and young children using ear cups or disposable ear tips.



One of the fastest automated ABR screeners on the market, the MB11 from MAICO features CE-Chirp Stimulus, automatic impedance check, and a USB connection for power supply and data transfer.

Built with integrated electrodes, this ABR hearing test device produces reliable results within seconds, and saves costs on disposables.


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MB 11 BERAphone®
  • Standards: IEC 601-1, IEC 645-3
  • Stimulus type: CE-Chirp Stimulus
  • Stimulus rate: 93/s
  • Stimulus intensity: 35 dB nHL
  • Sample rate: 16 kHz
  • EEG filter: 125 Hz – 1.25 kHz
  • Quality control: Integrated LED on BERAphone® and display in software with signal quality or with EEG display
  • Operating conditions: + 59 to +95°F, (+15 to +35°C); Maximum humidity 75%
  • Storage conditions: +41 to +122°F, (+5 to +50°C); Maximum humidity 90%
  • Speaker: BERAphone®: integrated, dynamic wideband speaker (8Ω)
  • Electrodes: BERAphone®: reusable, stainless steel electrodes with gel protectors.
  • Preamplifier: Integrated, 87 dB amplification (23,000 x)
  • BERAphone® weight: 10.59 oz, (300 g)
  • USB box weight: 5.83 oz, (165 g)
  • USB box dimensions: 4.73 x 3.55 x 1.19 in, (12 x 9 x 3 cm)
  • Power supply: via USB port of computer
  • Power consumption: max 400 mA